President's Message 09/2013

Dear Friends,
Mother Nature does not know whether to get hot or cold these days. Fall is around the corner and we will soon turn on our heat. Congrats go out to Anthony Monioudis as he was recognized as one of the Top Attorneys in the United States.

For those who are out of touch with your church, we are always open for you. Please make an effort to attend as we need your support. We offer Sunday School, a great social hour gathering and spiritual guidance from Father Peter. As Always, thank you Chris & Jannie for covering Sundays with coffee hour.

Your financial support for St. Peter's is greatly appreciated.
Anyone who knows of any Orthodox Christians, please invite them to your church and have them attend St. Peter's.For those who wish to go to Greensboro, Greek Festival is the third weekend in September. Finally we would like to offer a warm welcome to our newest parishioners, Dr. Andrew and Norma Harakas.

Ted Maurakis